Anonymous asked:
I want to start living a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons. Right now I'm vegetarian. I've tried going vegan in the past, I've lasted a few weeks at a time but I've had to stop just because I've been exhausted. Also, a predominately carb based diet doesn't sit well with my body. I'm not sure what to so cause honestly, I feel better eating a vegetarian diet, but I feel terrible because my beliefs would be me switching to a vegan lifestyle but would been is feel so run down. So conflicted

If you want to be vegan for ethical reasons there should be no choice but to do it!?
You should go vegan and give it at least 1-6 months before you judge how you feel because the detoxing process can take awhile for some people.
Also if you are exhausted it means you were not eating enough / not eating enough of the right nutrients!
I suggest you give it another go and research into it! Also check in with a doctor about it for a meal plan xx